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Tai Chi Practitioner, Believer in health, fitness & spiritual wellness for the elderly & young. Faith in one god & believe all men are one & spiritually connected no matter what label you wear on the outside.

The ideal to form this type of caring service for seniors citizens was in 1997 publicly offline when everyday i would make a point of checking up on my mother by phone just to see how she was feeling emotionally.

One day while visting her we were watching one of her old vincent price movies that she loved i got the ideal & said to her “you know ma there are a lot of older people that need someone to checkup on them but dont get a call or a visit for numerous reasons. So thats when the initial ideal hit me!

Soi told her i should start a check up service for seniors & my mother thought it was a good ideal. My mother was always supportive of my business ideals especially if it has something to do with helping others. But i also had a tendency to check on some of my friends mothers thats how i met my wife of today.

The internet was back then not as popular as today so i printed up a few flyers & actually passed out a few in the neighborhood & grocery stores offering checkup services for the elderly & to my shock i actually received a few startup clients immediately but, unfortunately the services had to be post-poned due to extreme family circumstances & the untimely death of my mother.

But the dream never left me & god has a perfect time for everything. I always had a burning desire to do something humanitarian for the elderly. Even when i was young when most young people would ignore the elderlyi would seek them out to talk with. I always had respect for seniors & hate with a passion to be around anyone who just blantantly dis-respect older people. I would sometimes spend hours listening to long drawn out stories from my mother but now today i know how (VALUABLE) that was & missed the sound of her voice & knowledge that i learned from her when she was alive.

I found that a lot of knowledge just goes to waste sitting in the body of an elderly. Most elderly people have a eagerness for conversation because they have been left alone for so long. Loneliness is a silent cancer it can eat you up inside cause all kinds of havoc on your health especially for the elderly.

When i personally see grey hair on the elderly it symbolizes enlightment within an individual that was blessed to make it to an ripe old age & has much to tell & share with others. To abandon or isolate them is a terrible waste of knowledge. You notice how the eastern cultures asian, japanese& eastern people have great respect for the elderly & how they honor them?

The fact that your here on this website proves that you care & so im here to help along my dedicated care callers to keep your mom or dad vibrant with a good well being& cheerfulness! All they want is someone to talk with & listen to them so they feel their still part of the world.

* Soi dedicate DailyCareCallServices& to my deceased mother may god give her peace & all the seniors that are left alone waiting for someone to touch them with a phone call.

I also thank my little sister (sometimes act like big sister) for being there for mother when at times icould’nt be.

May god bless your elderly loved one with a graceful healhty mind, body &spirit.

Patients all over California count on the capabilities and kindness of Dr Grewal, MD. Grewal has been a doctor of interventional pain capability remedies for more than 20 years. Dr. Grewal and his clinical practice have aided countless individuals regain weakening movement, improve function, and decrease or abolish the draining distress arising from bone and joint issues. Dr Narinder Grewal has received the respect of his patients and associate health professionals comparably regarding his commitment to giving comprehensive services with the patients’ enhanced overall health at the principle of the patient treatment options.


Narinder S. Grewal opened the APM and Neurology Group located in Santa Clarita, CA. The practice owns a number of practice locations throughout Los Angeles County and serves patients of all ages in communities such as , Panorama City, Simi Valley, Van Nuys, and Antelope Valley. The health care clinics supply patients with a huge array of modern treatments as well as surgical procedures, all designed to reduce the suffering resulting from neck injury or orthopedic diseases. The clinical assistants assembled for the clinic incorporates partner pain management professionals, registered nurse professionals, and physician assistants, all of who deliver several decades of experience to yield for the people’ advantage.


Amongst the several ailments treated by the group of Santa Clarita Center for Surgery and Advanced Pain Management and Neurology Group are:

Long-term Headaches, Cervical & Lumbar Radiculopathy, Sciatic pain, Intercostal Neuralgia, , Tumor Pain, Peripheral Neuropathic Discomfort, and Fibromyalgia.


Remedies feature both non-invasive treatments and medical treatments. The clinical office maintains a procedures resource for the most difficult of patient situations. High tech mediation can incorporate the implantation of neurostimulator and narcotic/infusing injections. Typical procedures for orthopedic pain maladies consist of: Epidural and facet joint injections, PRP, known as Plasma-Rich Protein injections, Occipital nerve blocks, Super High frequency neuro excisions, injections at trigger points, as well as Stem cell injections.


Just one of the attributes that has indeed really helped Narinder S. Grewal, MD, stand out from his colleagues is definitely his strong personalized advocacy for patients. Narinder strongly believes that the client him- or herself is a significant part in the pain treatment solution program. From supplying his patients the power to become active contributors during the treatment option process, Dr. Grewal has found out that end results are actually drastically increased. Expenditure in the treatment technique assists to make certain physician guidelines are adopted, prescriptions are had, as well as physical therapies are conducted. The total result is that both men and women have the chance to lead happier, far healthier lives, devoid of the suffering and uncomfortableness that caused the initial pain treatment.

Grewal is board certified beneath 2 overseeing health groups, the American Society of Anesthesiology as well as the American Academy of Pain Management. Along with Grewal’s board qualifications, he currently is an active registered member of specialist institutions such as the Spine Society and the United States Society of Spine Surgery, among several others.


By being engaged in these kinds of specialist organizations, Narinder Grewal can improve his education and learning and 20 years of experience in the pain management sector. Direct exposure to cutting-edge solution methods assists him provide top pain management systems and practices for the clients of his medical clinics throughout California. Narinder Grewal, MD, has certainly existed as the number one choice for people near the Valencia area of Central California for 25 years. His exceptional individual services and expansive procedure services are certainly a confirmation to the compassion he feels for the patients he has aided. Overcoming discomfort and disability is simply what Dr Narinder Grewal has carried out his profession to.


Morgan Hill’s Joe Davis is familiar with producing remedies for day-to-day needs. As a mogule as well as a trendsetter, Joseph has actually been prominent in the innovation industry. Carrying a string of licenses to his name in information storage, wavelength optical buttons, and also Internet distribution innovations, Joe has been accountable for several numerous revenue in revenue. He thinks in returning to the impoverished also. His volunteering works in as well as around his online of San Jose, California have actually allowed the homeless population to regrow their life.


On-The-Go Showering as well as Laundry Busses for the Needy


Beginning in 1978, Joseph and his spouse Barbara, have actually provided their time, abilities, and also financial resources to organizations assisting the homeless population. He is a well-to-do advocate for the homeless population of San Francisco, California, and also has actually carried out the development of a number of jobs to profit the demands of homeless area locals.


Joseph partnered with the GCC and also the San Jose State University Engineering Department on among those ideas. He has actually helped building and establish a mobile bathing and also a clothes washing center for usage by the homeless individuals, helping them to restore a few of their self-respect. The mobile center is based upon a towable trailer, and features both laundry facilities in addition to exclusive bathing locations. The facility is staffed by location volunteers. Homeless locals can use the facility totally free, offering them a chance to have clean clothes as well as personal tidiness, which may otherwise be tough ahead by. Comparable centers have popped up in areas throughout the country.


Advantages of a On-the-go Showering as well as Laundry Resource


Homeless people encounter lots of obstacles in their lives. Cleanliness is one of them. Bathing facilities, such as the mobile one Joe Davis has co-developed with the GCC as well as San Jose State University, uses a number of advantages. These consist of:


– Aiding homeless residents gain back some of their self-respect

– Reducing the moment and aggravation of browsing for pay-only facilities in the location

– Providing benefits in job- and housing-search endeavors

– tidy garments and also a fresh look assistance to land jobs in the location, cultivating a sense of normalcy in the homeless populace


Helping to construct an extra thoughtful community where the needs of everybody are satisfied

Joe thinks that everybody should have a chance at success. By offering his engineering as well as innovation abilities to the requirements of underserved homeowners of communities in California, he is assisting them to recover aspects lost to them.


Other Ideas for the Homeless


The mobile showering facility belongs to the Bay Area Safe Park Project at the local Morgan Hill church. Joe has been energetic in offering risk-free auto parking and also real estate for homeless locals of the area. He has actually functioned closely with companies like the GCC, San Jose State University, and the Santa Clara County Housing Department to develop various other jobs like mini residences for use by the homeless in addition to an outdoor camping program that pays for the homeless to remain in personal as well as public campgrounds. A variety of faith-based groups offer as volunteer swimming pools for the centers, helping homeless area homeowners appreciate reliable overnight outdoor camping and also parking. Numerous homeless individuals in the Santa Clara community count on RVs as well as autos as living quarters; by supplying a refuge for them to stay as well as a place for them to clean up as well as do clothes washing.


Communication is one crucial step that drives the world today. Communication is not only about talking to one another or to fellow people, but it is a way of expressing oneself. Earlier, communication was not as easy as it is today. People living in far off places could not contact their loved ones and telegrams and letters were the only option. Letters sometimes do not reach the person at all. Business was not at its peak since people were not informed of any new launches except for some posters and pamphlets which do not reach the common people. With the advancement in technology, people were able to get a hold on new launches and products through emails. Emails were a boon in the 20th century since common people were able to be in touch with their loved ones living in totally different countries. Business flourished as emails were sent at random about shop openings, product launches etc. Today, communication has grown so big that people can contact anyone in any part of the world anytime. They can send text messages, make voice calls, video calls and even chat online. All they need is a good smart phone and flexible internet connectivity. Today communication and staying contact with friends and family is through social media forums like the twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These social media not only form the platform for staying connected but also in developing business. Business is flourishing today because of the growth in communication. With the advancement in technology, online business is trending.

Business through contacts

The main success for any business is how well the product or the service provided reaches the audience. Audience are the sole supporters of any business. Hence, entrepreneurs should take enough steps to make their audience aware of the product or service. This is possible today only through social media and internet. Internet is gaining its popularity with trillions of people being a part f it. Business run through social media forums and online forums helps in gaining much acknowledgement than the one with pamphlets and posters. Internet is flooded with people from all over the world and hence it is important for any business to create their mark to get traffic to the website. One way to get this attention is by Denver Co SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a technique used to portray a keyword in the first few pages of the search result page. This is because, people tend to choose the results for the search keyword only from the first few pages. Having a Denver Co SEO search engine helps in placing the website information and creates as many popular keywords relating to the product. This way the website will be picked often and hence web traffic also increases. SEO thus helps in creating business by converting the traffic into real customers. Every business needs to have SEO to excel in growth and popularity.

Once you have created your website, you have successfully achieved a really well matched name. Presently, you’re prepared to open your web site to your client. But, it is vital to realize that it’s not actually a brick business, it’s a web based business. Your client will not observe you board and not able to enter your store, so that you ought to reach them. As an SEO professional, it distinguishes that every State, all towns and each city have their own difference in promoting their promoting and way. Affordable SEO packages will hold the individual necessities as well as requirements which match their individual markets and websites.

Choose the right firm

Internet marketing experts in and round you area is the only accomplishment of the most elevated positioning of your site in top search engine. To develop in competition to get top necessity in SEO records, hire the talented experts who you will help your site ranking. Online promotion is very important to realize your ranking on top search engines, which might expect the difference between success as well as failure expeditiously. So it takes continuous alteration, ability and purpose of staying on top of search results. SEO firm provides a huge amount of SEO services and packages according to your single requirement. You have to be watchful while picking the right SEO firm. The most effective way to help your activity rate through online networking advancement is an address that all business visionaries are asking nowadays.

It is actually known SMO in short and it is attention-grabbing over a web marketing slowly as well as steadily. Lots of online organizations and stores are select for such type of internet marketing as they take it one of the convenient approaches to communicate with lots of people at a time. SMO has numerous profits like utilizing these websites for promoting ads to huge popularities of any organization. Various types of social networking sites are a hot most preferable with individuals all over the world. Gone are those days of messaging as these websites give can keep companion in consistent touch. In those days, you also have the choice of staying in contact with companions through your cell additionally.

There are several things that one would want to tell others, including their stories and experiences that could be helpful to everyone. To avoid any ambiguities or misinterpretations, it is best to put them in writing in the common language and post in the blogs on the internet, so that it would help whosoever concerned in a global arena. There are many ways in which authors can increase the impact of the message. With the right choice of background designs from the trust worthy company LinkHelpers Scottsdale Web Design, it is easy for authors to ensure that they are creating contents that are visually pleasing to any type of readers or audiences. This would empower the richness in the message and add to the power of distributing the same far and wide across the globe.

Making best impressions

LinkHelpers Scottsdale Web Design firms that tend to connect up emotionally with the users would need to have the necessary impactful stories. By telling stories, the authors tend to convey their ethos, pathos and logos to their audiences as they would have desired, which would lead to better absorption and retention of the concepts. When the background colors are in symphony with the foreground text, then it is easy for users to retain information, even if it is tough to recall. With the multisensory inputs that could be textual, visual and auditory, the message gains more power by being on top of the designs to ensure that they leave long lasting impressions. The right choice would extend the first impressions and will be deeply etched in the memories of the users and enrich the manner in which they are able to absorb the contents in a great manner. Such actions would enable the authors to achieve their goals of communication in an easy yet effective manner.

In the last five years, social media platforms have generated a whopping 1 billion new users.


That means more than a third of the world’s current population are now accessible through social media.


Taking into account the massive figures involved, it’s no surprise businesses have gone from being social media marketing skeptics to incorporating social media in their online marketing arsenal.


That being said, investing in the help of a competent social media agency is now deemed a worthwhile investment.


If you are a newbie in the social media marketing world, here are some social media marketing trends / tips you can discuss with your social media agency:


There will be an increase in visual marketing investments.


Several social networks have now introduced their own versions of live-streaming.


Networks like DubSmash and Blab now support live video sharing.


This is apart from the more popular Facebook Live and Periscope.


Suffice it to say, live feeds are now becoming the in thing.


Even updates of the US Presidential election were broadcasted by Buzzfeed live via Twitter.


Simply put, to further fuel engagement, you can use live video platforms to work for you.


Also, with social media feeds getting crowded by the minute and viewer attention spans getting shorter, you need something powerful if you are to captivate your target audience.


The last 5 years has seen a rise in graphic design software market giving marketers plenty of options to pick from.


A drag-and-drop editor can be used to put together graphics to help you simplify the content creation process.


Personalization will become essential.


Social media users nowadays are subjected to commercial content and ads on multiple fronts.


They also receive content and information from different sources.


That being said, it has become increasingly challenging for marketers and brands to break through the barrier.


Fortunately, personalization can help brands rise through the chaos and reach people they would like to target.


Tracking your target audience’s behavior on social media platforms and using their interests when targeting them will now become an integral part of marketing.


Fortunately, many apps and social media marketing tools are already integrating features that support both targeting and personalization.


Brand advocacy will become more popular.


Advertising saturation is already driving brands to search for other means to reach their target markets.


Recently, there has been a steep increase in the investment in advocate marketing.


It is believed that micro influencers can be pivotal when it comes to increasing the brand’s social media reach because they are deemed more credible and influential.


Social fans, customers, and employees are some of the micro influencers used by many brands.


Fortunately, there’s also several case studies and guides on employee advocacy that you can look into when creating your brand advocate outreach program.


Marketing automation will become mainstream.


Many brands with limited budgets have not used marketing automation.


However, a study indicated that a staggering 92 percent of companies are losing revenue because they skipped marketing automation.


This 2017, there is expected rise in businesses who will adopt automation.


Understandably, social networks are unique when it comes to use cases and demographic.


This can force businesses to have a presence in more than one social networking platform to ensure they are able to effectively engaged with prospective and current customers.


Sans the assistance of social management tools, managing social pages can take a lot of time.


To remedy this, it is best to use automation tools to automate tasks that will not need personal attention like catching brand mentions or posting content across multiple social media channels.


It will all boil down to the precious time you can save and can invest somewhere else.

People used to hook more on the social networking sites these days. It is the platform from where you will get the most of the followers. These followers will help you to spread the photo throughout the web. But for all these you have to apply the hashtags against your photo. These hashtags will help the other people in the social networking site to follow you and also they will make your followership. People who has been in love used to post the photos of their loved ones in the instagram. If you want to show the world the picture of tour loved ones then you must follow the instagram fashion hashtags –

What to find in the hashtags?

These hashtags are made in a different way. According to the photo that you want to post you will find different hashtags for the photos. These hashtags are written according to the photo post that one is going to post. If you have an instagram account then you will find the instagram fashion hashtags – easily. These hashtags do not have any cost. You are free to use the hashtags during any time and just copy paste the things that suits with the photo that you are going to post.

You will find the difference

There are many people who want to capture the beautiful parts of your life. These people are always on the look for those who have been in love. If you provide the picture with the hashtags then you will find that these people are eager to join you to capture the beautiful part of your life. These hashtags can also be used in a private manner. If you want to show the pictures only to those people who is close to you then you can also use the hashtags.

These hashtags work for your post both in a private manner and in a public manner. Usually a couple used to share the photos in the instagram at the first to those people who are close to them. At the very first you have to click on the hashtags option. A menu bar will open. In the menu bar you will get many of the hashtag option that is made according to the photos. Choose one of the hashtags and send it to the people whom you want to share or to the public. You will see that you gained more followers and also gained likes from them.

To hire an SEO can be stressful. If you own a site then, you should know about SEO Guarantee also. Various SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms give guarantee #1 ranking in search engine results, with targeted keywords in a specific time frame. We have given few things below for your knowledge.

First : As per Google official statement no guarantee for first ranking.

Be careful with a SEO firm that offers ensured as positioning declaring a “unique relationship” with Google or through “need Submit” in search engine results and it costs nothing to appear in our organic search results.

The only way to submit a site to Google is by Add URL page or by submitting a Site map and totally free. In fact, you can do this yourself. (Quoted from Google’s official statement from title ‘do you require a SEO?’)

Second – Keyword selection is one of the most essential aspect of the Search Engine Optimization process. While hiring masterly in seo services, they will set the keyword and SEO expert will do the preliminary analysis and on that basis, search engine optimizer sets out with a list of targeted keywords mutually agreed upon by the customer.

Free SEO trials

SEO is a tedious process and needs days of work. No real SEO firm can do it for free. Further, consequently of ‘free trial’ they can request access to your hosting account. Imagine what wrong they can do! Promise that are unrealistic, essentially avoid them.

Undisclosed SEO strategy

Mysterious or Supernatural power or magic hat? A legitimate SEO firm will explain its technique- what they are planning for your site. If not, then there is a black hat techniques that will, sooner or later, get you banned on every search engine.

Get the lowest price

Well, if an SEO firm is providing you the less price then all we can say is, you know what you pay for!

So, before hiring an SEO firm for your website, make a point to assess the agency for its experience, market reputation, success rate and SEO techniques.

Along these lines, well known seo agency in singapore can evaluate site and make a markting strategy as per their own experience, market reputation, achievement rate and SEO techniques. So, rest things will be shown once you will start working in SEO and results will be in front of you.


Have you been running an online business? If so, perhaps you are wondering why you are not getting more traffic on the business website despite having one of the best sites hosted by one of the leading web-hosting companies? All these and many others are just some of the challenges faced by people selling product/services online. By and large, they are facing low traffic, which would imply that they are missing out on a massive amount of potential online sales because they are yet to use a powerful tool called SEO.

SEO Explained

Search engine optimization (abbreviated as SEO) is nowadays greater than ever before, and it is essential for every person operating an online business to understand its true meaning as well as the potentials it creates for every online business. As outlined on, SEO is a technique or set of rules that help your business website rank higher on search engines (such as Bing and Google) when people (who will be your potential customers) find specific keywords relevant to the product/service offered. Besides improving search engine rankings, SEO is an excellent way to increase the quality of a business website by making it user-friendly, easier, and faster to navigate. Some other schools of thought consider SEO as a framework because the entire optimization process involves a number guidelines/rules and stages as well as a set of controls.

In a nutshell, what makes SEO so powerful and important component of the online business is that the target audience are those who are actively searching for a particular information related in one way or another to your business. In the end, it would imply that the possibility of them buying your product/service is much higher. That is just one of primary reasons why an entire industry has come up with intuitive ways to help online businesses in their SEO efforts. hamilton seo

SEO Classifications

There are two main classifications or components of search engine optimization: onsite and offsite SEO (otherwise referred to as On-page and Off-page SEO respectively). For maximum exposure for higher rankings and to the search engine outcomes, online business owners need to have a clear understating of the difference between the two components and of course, how to make proper utilization of them. So, what is onsite SEO and offsite SEO?

Onsite SEO aims at making your online business site improved for higher search engine visibility and rankings. It is a complete process of making website search engine friendly. It involves adjusting some elements on a site so that searching engines can understand the structure and content.

Besides the changes you can implement on your website so that it ranks higher on search engines with the help of onsite SEO, the other important way to improve ranking position is by the use of offsite SEO techniques. Offsite SEO is typically known as link building or website promotion. The entire process involves methods like link pointing a particular website from other websites as well social media marketing. Efficient use of these methods indicates the popularity of an online business website to search engines and build an association of site with the relevant keyword(s).


Nowadays, online business is facing one of the stiffest competitions ever, and this explains why SEO is incredibly important. It is imperative to note that most online buyers trust search engines, and therefore, having a presence in the top-most position for the keywords searched undoubtedly increases your website’s trust translating to more sales.

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