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Tai Chi Practitioner, Believer in health, fitness & spiritual wellness for the elderly & young. Faith in one god & believe all men are one & spiritually connected no matter what label you wear on the outside.

The ideal to form this type of caring service for seniors citizens was in 1997 publicly offline when everyday i would make a point of checking up on my mother by phone just to see how she was feeling emotionally.

One day while visting her we were watching one of her old vincent price movies that she loved i got the ideal & said to her “you know ma there are a lot of older people that need someone to checkup on them but dont get a call or a visit for numerous reasons. So thats when the initial ideal hit me!

Soi told her i should start a check up service for seniors & my mother thought it was a good ideal. My mother was always supportive of my business ideals especially if it has something to do with helping others. But i also had a tendency to check on some of my friends mothers thats how i met my wife of today.

The internet was back then not as popular as today so i printed up a few flyers & actually passed out a few in the neighborhood & grocery stores offering checkup services for the elderly & to my shock i actually received a few startup clients immediately but, unfortunately the services had to be post-poned due to extreme family circumstances & the untimely death of my mother.

But the dream never left me & god has a perfect time for everything. I always had a burning desire to do something humanitarian for the elderly. Even when i was young when most young people would ignore the elderlyi would seek them out to talk with. I always had respect for seniors & hate with a passion to be around anyone who just blantantly dis-respect older people. I would sometimes spend hours listening to long drawn out stories from my mother but now today i know how (VALUABLE) that was & missed the sound of her voice & knowledge that i learned from her when she was alive.

I found that a lot of knowledge just goes to waste sitting in the body of an elderly. Most elderly people have a eagerness for conversation because they have been left alone for so long. Loneliness is a silent cancer it can eat you up inside cause all kinds of havoc on your health especially for the elderly.

When i personally see grey hair on the elderly it symbolizes enlightment within an individual that was blessed to make it to an ripe old age & has much to tell & share with others. To abandon or isolate them is a terrible waste of knowledge. You notice how the eastern cultures asian, japanese& eastern people have great respect for the elderly & how they honor them?

The fact that your here on this website proves that you care & so im here to help along my dedicated care callers to keep your mom or dad vibrant with a good well being& cheerfulness! All they want is someone to talk with & listen to them so they feel their still part of the world.

* Soi dedicate DailyCareCallServices& to my deceased mother may god give her peace & all the seniors that are left alone waiting for someone to touch them with a phone call.

I also thank my little sister (sometimes act like big sister) for being there for mother when at times icould’nt be.

May god bless your elderly loved one with a graceful healhty mind, body &spirit.

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